Drawing Classes for Homeschool Students and Groups

A non-competitive, step-by-step drawing method for children and adults where self-expression and creativity can flourish.


Online live session classes in zoom.us through myfunscience.com

email: apollard@myfunscience.com

Click here to view an example of a live online drawing lesson 

Private lessons are also offered

Spring 2023 classes are now open for registration


Course offerings for Spring 2023

Mixed Media Art


Information and Communication Technology

Web Development

Python Programming

Private Art Lessons

check myfunscience.com for scheduled time


Anna Pollard – Owner and Instructor

Email: apollard@myfunscience.com

An accomplished Commercial Artist with an AAS in Commercial Art and Advertising Design, a BA in Computer Science and Master in Business and Marketing.

Board Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America

Retired Licensed Public School teacher, 18 years

North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network, alumni

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