Drawing Classes for Homeschool Students and Groups

A non-competitive, step-by-step drawing method for children and adults where self-expression and creativity can flourish.


Online live session classes in zoom.us through myfunscience.com

email: apollard@myfunscience.com

Click here to view an example of a live online drawing lesson 

Private lessons are also offered

Spring 2022 – 2023 classes are now open for registration


Course offerings for Fall 2022:


Game Design


Computer Science

Graphic Design

Mixed Media Art

check myfunscience.com for scheduled time


Anna Pollard – Owner and Instructor

Email: apollard@myfunscience.com

An accomplished Commercial Artist with an AAS in Commercial Art and Advertising Design, a BA in Computer Science and Master in Business and Marketing.

Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America

Retired Licensed Public School teacher, 18 years

North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network, alumni

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