Homeschool Course Options

Drawing Classes: Customized to fit your schedule and your lesson plans.

Research shows that if students draw what they are learning about, they will learn it 8 times faster and retain it 8 times longer. Any science and geography unit can involve drawing the subject to be learned and labeling the information. Mathematical knowledge can increase by drawing designs. Exploration through drawing will lead to problem solving and critical thinking skills. Being engaged in drawing encourages the willingness to complete a task, which carries over to other subjects.

Coding (Programming) classes:

Using your laptop or iPad learn how to code with classes in:

App Design:

A highly interactive and collaborative introduction to the field of computer science, as framed within the broader pursuit of solving problems. You’ll practice using a problem solving process to address a series of puzzles, challenges, and real world scenarios. Next, you’ll learn how computers input, output, store, and process information to help humans solve problems. The unit concludes with a project in which you design an app that helps solve a problem of your choosing.

Website Design:

Learn how to create and share the content on your own web pages. After deciding what content you want to share with the world, you’ll learn how to structure and style your pages using HTML and CSS. You’ll also practice valuable programming skills such as debugging and commenting. By the end of this course, you’ll have a personal website that you can publish to the Internet.

Game Design:

You’ll build on your coding experience as you program animations, interactive art, and games. The unit starts off with simple shapes and builds up to more sophisticated sprite-based games, using the same programming concepts and the design process computer scientists use daily. In the final project, you’ll develop a personalized, interactive program.

Environmental Education Classes:

Taught by Brittany Saulnier

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